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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  December 22, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. an intense inferno engulfs a bay area apartment. who risked everything to get people out? >> a breakthrough in congress over the payroll tax cut and not a moment too soon for millions of americans. >> the bay area road losing a lane and who is saying that is for the best. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm elizabeth cook in for day nay king. dozens are homeless as a fire ripped through buildings in san francisco. >> those people had only minutes to run for their lives. it took three hours to bring that fire under control. the call came in just before noon. fire started at a victorian apartment house on golden gate avenue at pierce street. the building's wooden structure and wind helped fuel the fire.
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>> huge plumes could be seen as far away as fremont. take a look at this video. firefighters surrounded by heavy smoke and flames as they battle the blaze. seven r several units were destroyed. a firefighter suffered burns to the neck and one person was treated for smoke inhalation. don knapp with more on the victims. many of chemobarely escaped with the clothes on their backs. don. >> a new reality is sinking in tonight for dozens of fire victims who as you said, got out in just a few minutes with just the clothes on their back. they are also learning that some folks are coming out of the woodwork. total strangers to lend a hand. two fire victims carry a cat and all the remains of their possessions as they leave a shelter for a hotel room provided by the red cross. tiffany ford was escorted by firefighters into her mother's burned apartment to retrieve what she could. there wasn't much. >> picture of my parents, my
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brother's picture of beyonce. i'm hoping they can retrieve a lot of things. >> dan was soaking wet after reentering his apartment. >> i left without my cell phone, i was panicked, so i grabbed my wallet and left. i went back in, i retrieved a hard drive. >> a contractor and workers at a nearby school pulled people out. martin was asleep when help arrived. >> my door got busted open by the construction workers that are working on the school right here. they dragged me outside. >> got out with only the clothes on his back. he didn't get to put on his shoes. as the night wore on, others came with aide. >> i'm bringing some pizza and batteries. 12-volt batteries and accessories to charge people's phones. because in this situation,. >> adam and kate came from their home. >> we are just took some old
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stuff from our house and we knew there were a lot of victims who were displaced this evening and thought that was important to help out our community in any way that we can. we have blankets, towels, anything that hopefully a family would need. >> the couple found it isn't easy to do a good deed. >> we have no way to store, sort, distribute any of these goods. so i'm sorry to have to tell you that. >> red cross it turns out, takes only cash. >> this is the way that they say they can help them, that's how we'll help them. >> the mayor's office will use its good samaritan program to help people get into their apartments under the same rent they have been paying. gets contracts with landlords and pace the difference. reporting live in san francisco, don knapp, cbs 5. >> three alarm grass fire in vallejo under control tonight after burning for several hours. it broke out just before 2:00 this afternoon. came close to multiple homes.
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the fire department will be mopping up that mess throughout the night and watching for any flairups. >> vowed to improve equipment that failed at candle stick park during a nationally televised park. the utility has admitted the initial outage that delayed the steelers game was caused by pg and e equipment failure. a second blackout during the game is still under investigation. in a letter to 49ers executives, pg and e promised a number of upgrades and inspections of the stadiums electrical systems before any playoff games. nearly two dozen passengers afternoon commute came to a grinding halt when a bus plowed through a fence at an east bay bart station. robert lyles tells us about the half dozen people who are hospitalized on the out of control ride. >> it was total chaos. >> this should have been the final commute home before christmas. instead, it turned into a ride to the er. >> darcy lynn watched 20 pairs
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of panic stricken eyes stare at her. they were on this express bus. just as liz was boarding another transit line outside the bay point bart station. >> and the bus came from behind and she went up on the curb over here. she knocked out one of these lights. >> lynn's driver couldn't move, but she could shout. >> get off the bus as quick as you can. after i ran and looked back, i saw the bus go through this fence over here and from what i understand, the brakes locked on her and someone in the bus told her to cut the key. >> by that time, six of the 20 passengers were spilling on to the bart pavement. this one seeking oxygen, this little girl strapped motionless to a gernie. >> we sent heavy rescue capabilities with extra cation and tools as well as multiple ambulances. >> they won't soon forget, tonight, neither transit nor bart pd can answer why the bus raced out of control, but they
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are investigating. including standard alcohol and drug testing of the driver. >> i hope all the people are okay. >> fortunately, none of their injuries are life threatening. in pittsburgh, robert lyles, cbs 5. well, house republicans had a dramatic change of heart this afternoon. that ended a stalemate over payroll tax cut extensions. 160million americans will avoid a tax hike for two months as lawmakers appear ready to sign off on the deal. nancy cortis tells us why the gop backed down. >> deserted by senate republicans, house republican leaders believed they had no choice but to back down. and accept the two month payroll tax cut extension the senate had passed overwelmingly. >> we were here fighting for the right things. may not have been the smartest thing in the world, but let me tell you what, i think our members waged a good fight. >> the bill keeps the tax rite
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at its current 4.2% instead of the previous 4.6%. it also extends unemployment benefits. give people out of work up to 99 weeks of unemployment checks. as part of today's agreement, house republicans extracted a promise that the senate will appoint negotiators just as they have to immediately work out a yearlong deal when congress returns in january. >> i want to thank our members, particularly our countries who remained here in the capital with the holidays approaching for their efforts tone act a full year extension of the payroll tax cut for working families. under this agreement, we're going to do that just as quickly as possible. >> it appears the tipping point came on thursday when senate republican leader called on the house to just pass this two month extension. normally the two leaders are fiercely loyal to one another, but in this case, senate
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republicans were starting to worry that house republicans were hurting the party's image. nancy cortis, cbs news, capitol hill. the u.s. military admits it made a big mistake when american war planes attacked a border post killing 26 pakistani troops. u.s. forces blame the november air strike on inaccurate maps and a misunderstanding of the true location of pakistani military units. the pentagon says both forces contributed to that misunderstanding. the air strike and the u.s. reluctance to admit the mistake earlier sent u.s., pakistani relations to a new low. we've all heard the adage, crime doesn't pay. today a handful of local law enforcement agencies received a generous gift from a criminal benefactor. kristen ayers shows us how seized assets are helping crime fighting efforts. >> an early christmas gift, checks from the federal government ranging from $95,000
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to just under half a million. >> it is really a true holiday gift. >> so where is it coming from in these tough economic times? check out the memo line. not a wealthy philanthropist, but a convicted drug dealer. the man behind this multimillion dollar medical marijuana clinic. busted during a federal raid back in 2006. >> operating a sophisticated indoor grill. >> 750 plants and 200 pounds of processed marijuana. well beyond what the city of heyward had approved. >> this is one of the best parts of our job. when we can share the gains that are taken away from criminals with our law enforcement partners. >> once he took a plea deal, law enforcement split his assets. with heyward police and drug task force getting the biggest piece of the pie. the police chief says the drug lord's dough will fund new tasers for all 190 of her
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hayward officers. >> an absolute blessing. fantastic. i could not be anymore honored. >> one man's drug money funding crime fighting. >> other departments said they plan to spend the funds on training and overtime. serving out a 2 1/2 year federal sentence. in oakland, kristen ayers, cbs 5. other bay area headlines, a few tents are back up at occupy berkeley after police raided the camp last night and ordered everyone out. police warn that people who camp overnight will be arrested. and across the bay area, thousands of nurses walked off the job today to join a statewide strike. this after union negotiations with sutter health fell apart. this is the second strike since their contract expired. a 23-year-old man is in critical condition after being shot multiple times while driving through west oakland
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about 10:30 this morning. the man then lost control of his car and crashed into a couple of parked cars that caused his car to burst into flames. >> an emotional plea from one south bay woman after a piece of her independence was stolen. the search is on for the critical item, but police say it's going to be hard to find. kit shows us what the thief took and why tracking it down is so urgent. >> it is three days before christmas and all kathy joe swift wants is compassion. >> i mean, it's just, i lost faith in mankind after that. >> for the past seven years, kathy has been getting around on this, a maroon colored wheelchair. she normally parks it under a tarp. but last saturday when she found the tarp tossed to the side, she knew the wheelchair had been stolen. >> what do you want to say to the person who did this?
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>> to have a heart and you know, think about the one day he may need the wheelchair and i would hate to have to see him go through what i've gone through. >> kathy must now use a regular wheelchair, which she lugs up and down the stairs. she broke her hip in a car crash, so getting around this way tears up her hands and causes arm and back pain. the 60-year-old says in her condition without a power wheelchair, everything from walking her dog to grocery shopping is a struggle. >> i would appreciate any help, you know, somebody could find it or return it to me no questions asked. i don't hold anything against anybody. i just would like to have my wheelchair back. so that i can have freedom. >> santa clara police searched the area, but found nothing. they have no leads and admit this is going to be a tough one to solve. in santa clara, cbs 5. from six lanes of traffic to four. what will come from restricting
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ten miles of a busy bay area road? >> baby formula pulled from wal-mart stores. the popular brand involved. and in this tough economy, the unusual place for gift givers are going to get their presents.
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transform one of the bay area's busiest roadways into an effecient traffic co the pta has a grand plan to transform one of the area's busiest roadways into an efficient traffic corridor. >> the proposal includes eliminating two lanes. mark sayer explains how the lanes would supposedly speed up
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the commute. anna rides the bus along eel camino40 minutes each way. so she says any way to speed up the trip is good news. >> it's going to save a lot of my time. usually it would give me a chance to reach my class earlier and make more productive use of the time. >> valley transportation planners have a project in the works to improve bus, bike, and pedestrian access over a 20- mile stretch from san jose to palo alto. it's being called the grand boulevard initiative. >> the idea out there has been that this street will change over time. not what it is today, but the 1950s era cars, but more of a grand boulevard that has shopping, it has residents, it has walk walkability. >> it will cut the travel lanes from three in each direction to
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two. this animation provided by the vta shows the lanes closest to the median would be dedicated for buses and a bike lane would also be added in each direction. planners say it could cut current bus travel times in half and encourage more people to ride the bus. >> one of the things we are trying to do is make transit, walking and biking more attractive to people as we develop and we grow as a county. >> so, it's very congested, very busy. >> but sunnyvail resident is not convinced while she supports public transit, she fears the proposed changes could make things worse. >> i don't think it's a good idea. i see the buses going up and down all the time. i doubt that will create anymore customers. >> planners say the upper end of the budget for this project is about $250 million. here in santa clara county, much of that money is available through existing transportation bonds, helping the federal government kicks in about $75 million.
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in santa clara, i'm mark sayer, cbs 5. wal-mart has pulled a popular baby formula from its shelves. this after a newborn from missouri died from a rare bacterial infection. wal-mart removed enfamil newborn powder in 12 1/2 ounce cans with zp1j7g. johnson makes enfamil and said the formula tested negative before it was shipped. however, more tests are being done. for now, there is no recall. wal-mart is the only store not selling the formula. nordstroms and best buy aren't the only ones cashing in this holiday season. whether it's the economy or the reality show, shoppers are hitting up pawnshops this holiday season. business is booming. >> guitar lover doesn't just go to pawnshops to play, he
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also goes to christmas shop. >> i'm looking. i'm looking. i don't know, maybe a necklace or a ring. >> so are other holiday shoppers who don't mind buying gifts that are on sale because they are previous owners fell on hard times. >> this is a lady's diamond wedding set. >> they are picking up presents, jewelry, musical instruments, and of course electronics. and don of best collateral says business is up 25% over last year. compared to other brick and morter stores where holiday business increased 2%. one reason, the growing trend that has pawnshops looking less like pawnshops. >> we have invested heavily into the cabinetly, the lighting, to the paint colors and everything we do to create an environment to where people that aren't here to get a loan can have a retail experience that would be typical of some of the higher end jewelry stores. >> but, unlike those jewelry
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stores. >> everything is negotiableable. >> you can pick up this tiffany watch for $1,000. or a netbook for $200. most pieces were given as collateral on a loan which wasn't paid back. other items may have been sold to the store outright for quick cash. but owners say most customers these days don't seem to mind. >> they brag about it. they'll say look at the deal i got. >> keep in mind, return policy varies widely and forget about frills like gift wrap. on the other hand, yow you might just get a serenade. on the consumer watch, julie watts, cbs 5. bur, who left the door open? we have freezing temperatures followed by frosty sunshine. the full pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues. [ monica ] i'm away on a movie shoot
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is 33 degrees in santa rosa. stepping on out to jack london square, all the glow and christmas lights. it is 39 degrees there. other notable numbers at this 10:00 hour happen to be across the santa clara valley. 42 in san jose. 39 degrees in morgan hill. low 40s in santa clara. otherwise east bay numbers stacking up around 35 in pleasantton to 43 degrees in antioch. san francisco currently under 50 degrees. it's in the low 40s in hayward. it is a cold night on tap. and we have a freeze warning in effect for the red highlighted areas. anywhere from the north bay, east bay, and santa clara valley. temperatures below freezing throughout many neighborhoods. 22. that is the forecast overnight low in santa rosa. getting awfully close to the record low of 21. otherwise, notice temperatures under freezing and throughout the tri valley. allen rock, so obviously a frosty morning start to our
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friday. no rain through christmas day in fact, rain fall totals looking dreary. 44% of normal in san francisco this time last year, 122%. that was real healthy. we do have finally an area of low pressure. it is organizing out over the eastern pacific. sideswipe the bay area. i'll show you that seven-day forecast. but first things first, keep in mind as high pressure is in place, we have a lot of dry air cold mass, lack of a wind tonight. that's why these near record lows. tomorrow's highs, cooler as a result of tonight's low temperature. going to take a while to warm up the atmosphere. meanwhile, your extended forecast calls for the sunshine. a repeat performance on saturday. christmas day will be crisp. your holiday forecast for sunday. clear skies, temperatures between the mid 50s at the seashore to the low 60s around the bay. that is your pinpoint forecast. here is kim in sports.
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>> thanks. the colts may have cost themselves the chance to draft andrew luck. and the a's trade another one of their all star pitchers. find out where he is going next in sports. we have tissues for you, roberta. state farm. this is jessica.
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gonzalez to the nationals in exchange for four of their top ten prospects. goe was the only all star last season and won a career high 16 games. the cardinals signed carlos beltran to a two-year, $26 million deal. beltran hit 323 after coming over to the giants before the trade deadline. thursday night football, dan hit reggie wayne for the game winning touchdown with 19 seconds remaining. the colts beat the texasans 19- 16 for their second straight win, which may have cost them andrew luck. expensive touchdown. finally the maco bowl in las vegas. scored twice on defense and once on special teams as they blew out arizona state 56-24. the sun devils end their season on a five-game losing streak. >> payton was happy though. i got to go back in. >> and barkly is coming back for usc. >> good news.
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we'll see you back here at 11:00 on cbs 5.
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